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Xbee MAC Interface SAM4S

(Update on June 2017) This is the second version of a MAC Interface (based on Xbee S1 Radios) for the SAM4S Xplained Pro. More than Xbee drivers, or an Xbee library, it is an actual IEEE 802.15.4 MAC interface. I call it interface, because the entire MAC functionality is handled in hardware from within the Xbee. [...]

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Testing the SAM R21 Xplained Pro

These are a few tests I made with the SAM R21 Xplained Pro and an Xbee. The examples were generated from the Atmel Studio IEEE 802.15.4 MAC Wireless Wizard, with a few extra modifications (since they did not compile). The entire Atmel Studio projects used are available in the download area (tested with ASF v3.22.0). The tests [...]

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ASF Working Examples for the Atmel SAM4S Xplained Pro

Update: I recently tested some (most) of them with ASFv3.31.0 and they seem to work fine. I've also added more examples here.   Original: While working with the SAM4s Xplained Pro I realized the scarcity of documentation available. Atmel examples, when available, would sometimes work, and some others not. Either because  instructions would be missing steps [...]

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An Array Monad in Haskell

- This is an implementation of an array---using a size-balanced binary search tree under the hood---for a course in programming languages this summer. Some functions may look awkward as they are based on catamorphisms. Global definitions fromList, singleton, toList, set, get, size, contains, inverse, and trim   Test   As a functor   As a monad     Download   [...]

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Haskell State Monad Tutorial

Background The concept of state refers to a function/computation global or non-local state of memory at any given time. When the output of a function/computation depends solely on its inputs, we say it is stateless -- an example of this is combinatory logic. Conversely, when the output depends not only on the received input but also [...]

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