Xbee MAC Interface SAM4S

(Update on June 2017) This is the second version of a MAC Interface (based on Xbee S1 Radios) for the SAM4S Xplained Pro. More than Xbee drivers, or an Xbee library, it is an actual IEEE 802.15.4 MAC interface. I call it interface, because the entire MAC functionality is handled in hardware from within the Xbee. [...]

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TinyOS – Xbee Interoperability

(Updated Nov 15, 2014). The idea is simple. Xbee 802.15.4 radios cannot communicate off-the-shelf with TinyOS-based moted. They are supposed to, but they do not.  Sometimes communication is not possible because of parameter mismatch. In particular, a) TinyOS is set in low power listening mode (not supported in Xbees); or b) Xbees are set up [...]

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