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SAM4S Driver Use Examples

For the past few years I’ve been working with the Atmel SAM4S Xplained pro board. One of the things I liked about this board is the ASF library because—who wants to write their own drivers. Still, often there was some digging, research, and a lot of trying  required to get a working example out of the documentation. Because at that time I was teaching a lab with the SAM4S board, I wrote a lab guide with working examples. So here they are…


NOTE: There are one or two entries whose examples won’t work if you do not start from the Starter Kit Demo – SAM4s Xplained Pro project.  I can’t recall which entries they are, so if everything compiles, but nothing happens, using the Starter Kit Demo as base is something you may want to try.


On chip peripherals 

Peripherals on board and expansion boards

Others devices